What You Rent


  • A classic camper van
  • Things you'll need to cook, eat and drink (cutlery, pots and pans, cups...)
  • Camping and beach gear (duvet/sleeping bag and pillows, beach ball rackets and umbrella...)
  • Survival kit (coffee and tea (1 day ration), sugar, salt, pepper, olive oil...)
  • Child seat if required
  • WiFi
  • Cleaning of the van included if you rent minimum for a 6 day period. For less than 6 day rentals there is a fixed fee of Euro 35 (if returned under normal usage conditions)
  • Transfer to lisbon if you rent minimum for a 5 day period
  • Our experience (camping tips, surf and hiking tips, places to visit, personalised tours ...)
  • Short term rental fee : 1 day = 200 Euro, 2 days = 100 Euro and 3 days = 50 Euro
  • You can find the detailed prices and info on Meet the vans. You will also find a detailed list what is included with each rental and other useful information.
    If you require any additional equipment just take a look at our Extra's page.
    The van needs to be returned on the combined time, date and place. For all details on the rental you can apply for the terms and conditions by mail.

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